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Month: August 2016

Choosing a Wedding Vendor or Event Professional

Hiring a Wedding Vendor or Event Professional; what to look for:

What do you need for your event? Flowers, Rentals, Food… ? Yes, of course. And, you will need to know how these services will fit into and contribute to your event.

  • But what about the personality of wedding professional himself?
  • What kind of person are they?
  • Will they be easy to work with?
  • How do they conduct themselves as a person?
  • How will they conduct themselves at your event?
  • Will they deliver what is promised?

Here are some things you should look for and carefully consider when choosing a wedding professional:

  • Do they listen to you?
  • Do you feel comfortable talking to them?
  • Do they “make nothing” of you or your ideas?
  • Do they return your calls?
  • Do they understand you? Do you understand them?
  • Are they helpful?
  • Are they as excited about your wedding as you are?
  • What do you think is important? What do they think is important?
  • Do they present problems for you to solve or do they offer solutions to problems?
  • Can they predict potential problems and offer solutions?
  • Do they bother you with technical details that do not concern you?
  • Are they taking care of you?
  • Are they critical of you?
  • Are they critical of others?
  • Do you feel anxious or upset after talking to them?
  • Are they physically ill? (common cold, sore throat, etc.)
  • Are they scattered? (going off in all directions at once.)
  • Give them a simple task to do – Is it done right? Is it done in a timely manner? Is it done at all?
  • Do you like their personality? Would you have them as a friend?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • And finally: What is your budget? – What is their price range? (Though important, this last item is not as important as the service you will be getting… or not getting.)

Ask yourself: “Are these qualities present in the person I am hiring?” or “Are they not present in the person I am hiring?”

You really need to look at this.

You want to put together a great team of vendors who are nice people who can work together. Hiring people after carefully evaluating their personality is almost unheard of. Few people know that personality dictates future behavior. Sure, anyone can have a bad day but a chronically bad attitude in even just one of your wedding vendors could upset the whole team you are putting together.

This not only applies to wedding planning but to business, government and interpersonal relations. Indeed if you were able to weed out of your life those causing you trouble, life would smooth out just like that.

So yes, you will be shopping for flowers and linen and someone to represent you as your Master of Ceremonies. So one also needs to “evaluate the personality of the person you are hiring” and determine if they indeed will indeed provide a high level of service and represent you well on your special day.

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Lovely Cars for Your Wedding

Vintage wedding cars have stood the test of time, and they are widely appreciated. These are remarkable cars with plenty of details and amazing overall beauty. They can be a nice touch for your wedding transportation needs. They add a nice touch and everyone will be in awe of what they see. You can rent them to get you to and from the wedding and the reception.

Depending on your plans, you can hire several vintage wedding cars for the wedding party and your guests. You may want one to transport the parents of the bride and groom. This can be a special touch and it helps them get around with ease. There are plenty of choices when it comes to the type of vehicle to rent and what you will have in place.

Discuss the Options

The best way to get results from vintage wedding cars is to talk to a provider and see what they have to offer. Not just any provider though, one with a great reputation and plenty of wonderful cars to pick from. They should be well taken care of and they should have prices that work for your budget too.

Ask all the questions you have in order to get a great idea of what is offered. If a provider is rushing you or not being patient with questions, don’t work with them. They aren’t taking it seriously that you really want your wedding day to be delightful. A great provider is going to help you with plans and focus on your needs.

Spend some time talking to them about what you are looking for. They will ask some questions including the date you need vintage wedding cars to ensure they can accommodate you. They will also ask you about how many passengers you need room for and how long you need the vehicles. Once they have a clear picture of your needs, they can put some options together.

You have the final decision about the vehicles and what you want to have for your wedding. You get to decide if one of the options will work well for your budget and the type of wedding you have in mind. It is your special and the focus should be on making it as delightful as possible. Explore the possibilities and then make a final decision once you have all the information.


You will need to complete a contract when you secure vintage wedding cars. This will cover all of the information relating to the date, times, pickup locations, types of vehicles, and other information. It is essential for you to read through it and make sure nothing is missing. If there are special accommodations they agreed to provide to you, they should be in the contract.

You may be asked to make a deposit to when you sign the contract. This is a common practice that helps the company with their end of the deal as well. That deposit will be applied to the total amount due for the vintage wedding cars. You will need to pay the balance in full on the day of your wedding.

When you find a great provider and you shop around early, there is no reason why you can’t get the vehicles you want for a great price. If you wait though, it is going to be harder and harder to get what you really want. You may have to pay far too much for what is left that others didn’t reserve. Don’t put yourself in such a position, starting looking early in the planning stages.

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Getting Transportation in Place for Your Big Day

There are plenty of details to think about when it comes to your big day! One of them you need to get in place early though is the wedding car hire. The longer you wait, the less selection you are going to have. You will also pay too much if you wait and have to take what is left over. Explore your options once you know your wedding date to get the best vehicles and prices.

The best providers have their calendars booked with events, and if you wait too long, there is just no way they will be able to get you on that calendar. You don’t want to be disappointed because you didn’t get it all set up in time to get what you really wanted.
Types of Vehicles

You will be blown away by the various types of vehicles you can choose from for a wedding car hire. You may want a long limo to fit plenty of people in. It can be fun to take your entire wedding party around in it. You may want a vintage model that is decades old but still looks amazing just for the two of you to ride in.

It is a good idea to look around at the various types of wedding car hire vehicles available. As you look, you will find something that fits well with your needs as well as the style of wedding you plan to have. Think about the seating capacity, being able to easily get in and out of it in your attire for the big day, and other factors so it all goes very smoothly.

Be Selective

When it comes to a wedding car hire, you need to be very selective. Not only in regards to the vehicle you want, but who you get it from. The quality of the vehicles and the services can vary significantly from one provider to the next. Make sure you learn about the reputation of the provider before you hire them. You need to know they will show up on time in a great vehicle.

Talking to the wedding car hire provider before you hire them is very important. It can be helpful to create a list of questions to ask each of them. Think about the plans you need them to help with including picking up and dropping off, the date you will need them, and the timeframe. If you need anything extra, ask as they may be able to accommodate you and make it happen!

Once you decide on the vehicle you want and the other specifications, the wedding car hire can give you a price quote for that. If you agree with the pricing, you can complete the contract and get it on their calendar. Then you should follow up with them in the weeks leading up to the wedding to verify it is all still on track.

If you aren’t happy with the price, let them know you do want to hire them but that is out of your price range. They may be able to give you some options to reduce the price but still get the vehicle you want. It is all about negotiations and being happy with the outcome. You want your wedding to be amazing. That means all the details including your transportation need to work.

If you plan early, you will be able to get the vehicle you want for a price you can afford. Don’t spend more than you allocated because that will put unnecessary stress on the wedding and reduce the fun and excitement it should offer. You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to get a great vehicle for the occasion.

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Trust Professionals to Personalize Great Wedding Party Accessories

A wedding is a special occasion. Most people like to recognize this unique experience by having items that are personalized for the group. For great wedding party accessories that will help the group bond and also help them stand out among a bigger group, consider working with professionals who regularly handle requests for wedding accessories. These vendors understand the importance of quality without drastically increasing the price.

Finances Are Key in Wedding Prep

A wedding budget can only stretch so far. In order to find great products that are fun and useful, a company that regularly works with wedding parties is the way to go. One great example of the useful products offered is bridesmaid dressing gowns that are satin with great sashes and personalized phrases on the back to link the group together.

These are only one of the many products that can be a worthwhile investment for a wedding party. If the group does not need bridesmaid dressing gowns to protect the dresses during makeup application and/or hair styling, consider wedding party accessories like a tote bag to help haul all important items to the wedding locale on the big day.

Keep the Fun in the Day with Accessories

The fun part of ordering these accessories for the group is that everyone can feel connected and important as part of the inner circle, yet the bride can be a standout with her own phrasing to show she is the focus of this special day.

Having an item like a tote bag or dressing gown that is beautifully decorated and personalized can really make the bride feel relaxed and loved. The effort to order and purchase a specialized item for her to wear reminds her to not stress and enjoy her special day. That makes it worth the reasonable price and the short wait for the product to arrive.

Wedding stress is an important thing to avoid, and having great personalized items to highlight your special status as the bride is a great way to change focus and cut down on the stress. She will be grateful for the beautiful memento of the big day and will relax knowing she is surrounded by loved ones who will help when she needs it.

Go For Quality and Fun in One Package

Most searches for personalized items for a wedding party lead to websites with cheap materials and long waits. Instead of spending money on something that won’t last or might not show up in time, make sure to find reputable vendors that care about the products they sell. The price and the quality should meet expectations and the service exceed hopes to provide excellent experiences that bring customers back again and again.

Understanding the importance of the special event means providing better service to the customers and a better product overall. Keep this in mind during a search for a company to handle personalized items for the wedding party. Finding the right professionals means one less item to be concerned about and more focus for other details of the upcoming event.

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