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Month: September 2016

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photos should be a timeless and beautiful reminder of the special day. But the process of choosing a photographer can be a difficult because of the wide range of potential options available. Here are a few things that are worth considering in the process of making your decision:

Style and image quality

One of the first things to capture your attention is the style and quality of the images in the photographer’s portfolio. The best photographers have the ability to highlight the happiness of the day and capture the personalities of the wedding party and guests. Plus, they should be able to offer a variety of styles.

If you do find a photographer with images that matches the preferred style, it is useful to ask to see a wider range of photographs. Most websites contain just a few well-chosen images, but it helps to have a wider selection to look through before making the informed decision.

Whether you are looking for the contemporary and adventurous style, or the more relaxed and informal, there are plenty of choices, so make sure to shop around until the right style is identified.

Value for money

A significant deciding factor relates to the cost of the wedding photographer. However, this shouldn’t be the main basis for choosing the photographer. The highest prices don’t always mean the best quality images, while the more reasonable prices shouldn’t mean low-quality.

Most of the photographers have the ability to offer a choice of packages which increases the ability to match a preferred budget. Those that are flexible are better at putting together a tailored package that meets the requirements and expectations. Also, make sure to get an all-inclusive price, which should include all fees such as travel expenses, creating artwork, editing and providing albums or other supplies.

Personal experience

The personal experience of the photographer is certain to help in the structure and organization of the special day. Ask about the number of weddings that have been worked on in the past.

It is important the photographer has the ability to perform when under pressure and able to organize the different shots throughout the course of the day. It can help to work with someone who is familiar with the wedding venue or able to meet up to go through the preferred photo opportunities and locations. Plus, a met up with the wedding coordinator or venue proprietor can help to learn the day’s agenda.

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Important Tips to Select the Perfect Wedding Venues

Whether the couple selects an indoor or an outdoor location, the first aspect that they have to look into is its availability. Most public and private wedding venues are heavily booked therefore availability is the first major consideration that has to be factored into the wedding plan.

The second factor is how many people can the venue accommodate? Here again the couple needs to chalk up their guest list first. Having a few guests at a very spacious venue or having too many at a very small venue; both will be disastrous. Therefore it’s important to select a venue based on the number of guests expected. The facility should also have rest rooms and a playing area for kids if families with children are on the guest list. The d├ęcor of the facility is also another important factor and the facility management should be able to provide the atmosphere that the couple wants on their special day.

The venue should be easy to access as you don’t want important friends and family members wandering around searching for the venue. Plus the venue should have ample car parking space for the guests. You don’t want guests parking a block away and walking over to the venue because there was no parking space.

Most importantly the venue should be able to provide the major facilities and services that are required at a wedding reception. Seating for a sit down meal is a must and there should be a dance floor with a live band in attendance. The facility should be amply staffed and the staff should have experience in handling wedding receptions. In case the couple wants to order the wedding cake from a bakery or if friends are baking the cake, the wedding venue should be able to roll it in and serve it with the fanfare that’s associated with cutting the wedding cake.

Cost plays an important factor in selecting a perfect wedding venue. Wedding reception parties can go beyond the expected time and you must check with the facility about this. If there are going to be any hidden costs associated with the venue cost you must be aware of them. Also check their payment policy and if you can get a discount. At times your family and friends can help you in finding the perfect wedding venue. Whichever venue you choose, do check it out by paying it a visit. By doing so you will be able to gauge the facility and their level of services yourself. Every couple wants the perfect venue for their wedding and it takes a bit of planning and research to find it.

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4 Ways to Save on the Wedding Photos

For most couples, the wedding photographer is worth the investment to get a personal catalog of long-term memories. While it is best to hire the services of a skilled and knowledgeable photographer, it can be a significant expense. But, there are several steps that can be taken to save money on this particular service.

Here are four useful tips to cut the cost of hiring a wedding photographer:

Book early

A simple way to save money on a wedding photographer is to book early. Many photographers offer a discount for the early bookings. So, when a wedding date is secured, it may be worth making the search for a photographer one of the first priorities to organize. Alternatively, it may be possible to pay a significant percentage of the payment up-front in return for a discount.

Go with a digital package

A further option to save money is to ask the photography for a digital only package which saves on the printing costs. It may seem expensive to just buy the digital rights because you are just getting a disc of wedding photos. But, you get to print only the photos you want which can save quite a lot compared to letting the photographer print out and charge for every photo taken during the wedding and reception.

Plus, this can save by having the option to email copies of the photos to family members or friends, instead of having to print originals.

Reduce the time

Hiring a photographer for less time can have a noticeable impact on the price quoted for the photography contract. They will be charging for fewer hours and will have a lot fewer photos to develop. For instance, it is possible to only have the professorial take the photos at the church, while the photos for pre-wedding festivities can be self-taken. Also, a groomsman or bridesmaid can be tasked with the job of taking the more relaxed photos at the reception. By cutting the hours for the professional photographer to a minimum, it is possible to pay a lot less money.

Referral discounts

Many wedding photographers take on new business through referrals and word of mouth recommendations. Therefore, a chosen photographer may have a referral discount scheme in place which gives a reduction in costs after you refer a new customer to them. This is possible by talking to friends that plan to get married in the near future or even sharing a few of the photos on social media.

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Dowry and Wedding Gifts in Islam, Developing and Developed Countries

Wedding Gifts are common and a way of showing love all over the world. Here is a simple analysis of dowry items in Islam, developing countries and developed countries.

Dowry In Islam:

Islam is one of the most popular religion all over the world.

Islam does not allow expensive dowry items for Muslim parents. There is a list of Dowry items for Hazrat Fatimah (R.A):

1. One white dress,

2. One big piece of cloth for preparing the head gear.

3. One black towel, made in Khyber

4. One mattress, made from the fibre of a date tree

5. Two cotton mattress, one of goats fleece, and the other was filled with the fibre of date tree

6. 4 Pillows made of goat’s hide, filled with Azkhar grass

7. Two pieces of Hajari Mattresses

8. One manually operated Grinding Mill Stone

9. One cup made of Pewter

10. One musk (leather water container)

11. One big tray for washing clothes

12. One bowl for milk

13. One water pot

14. One earthen glass

15. One woollen curtain

16. Two earthen goblets

17. One hide for spreading on the floor

18. One shroud,

19. One lota (a multi-purpose vessel).

Dowry system in Pakistan

Pakistani men love to have rich brides, and do not know the real amount of Mehr according to Islam. In Pakistan, a dowry (from bride’s parents for bridegroom and his family) is comprised of these things:

Top 12 Wedding Gifts In Pakistan
Jewelry for bride Top Expensive Wedding Gifts In Pakistan
Jewelry for in-laws
Gifts for Groom
Clothes for bride & groom
Gifts for in laws
Home appliances
Kitchen Utensils
Arrangements for Wedding
Fashion products
Car / motor cycle / property
Professional wife

Men should be ashamed by looting the simple and poor parents of bride. They should follow the Sunnah in Real words. First they should pay a handsome amount of Mehar then take dowry of Mehr’s 12 %.

Dowry system in Developed countries:

A wedding is a charming event in developed countries. The couples are very happy to arrange this day at the religion places.

Dowry Items / Wedding Gifts in Developed Countries Examples

In developed countries, wedding gifts / dowry items are very economic. Such as:

Table Lamp Top 20 Wedding Gifts In Developed Countries
Dinner set
Love Mugs
Wine Glasses
Serving Dishes
Photo Frames
Small Home Appliances
Bed Sheets
Card Holders
Gift Boxes
Decoration Pieces

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